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Best eye surgery

Comfortable laser eye surgery is extremely gainful and worthy

Lasik eye surgery was not sore like you are expecting but definitely felt only a little uncomfortable at that time. Our eye surgeons do such Lasik process for both of your eyes then went forth lifting the flap and doing the laser. It also felt like lifting the flap took so long. The laser part in eye surgery was difficult because looking keenly up at the red blinking light which was pretty difficult.

In this process eye is kept moving and going out of eye focus.Fortunately Lasik will not affect your eyes and laser surgery can be experienced at once and forever you can get benefit with your improved vision. and then they then you need to sit up with your closed eyes and brought then you can slowly seen the outside world your first experience and first moment of seeing after getting Lasik was really good than before. In this situation through your eyes you could see images but it looked like you were in a steam room.

What happens during and after to the Lasik eye surgery

During and after the Lasik surgery you can feel some discomfort in eyes and it is no longer affect your eyes well healing in corneal layer occurs soon. Then after Lasik is finished you need to put eye drops often and if you want take a dose of sleeping pills that is optional depending upon your health condition. If you slept for only for half an hour then it is not enough took some more half an ambient that helps you to get good sleep for a few hours and it is necessary after Lasik. Even though the Lasik procedure was absolutely somewhat uncomfortable, to be capable to observe is such an astonishing thing and you will definitely do it again.

Most people will update this Lasik procedure to their friends. Until after one or 2 days after Lasik you have to keep on pouring with eye drops in eye for its protection and to minimize eye strain. In general you are okay and happy with the result.
Our Lasik laser surgeon normally will check your eyes properly the day after your eye surgery to observe your vision keenness and make certain your eyes are healthy and healing properly. Most patients are legal for driving vehicles with no wearing of eyeglasses or contact lenses also they can return to work
the after that day at once after Lasik surgery practice but eye drops are essential it must be applied in eyes following to eye surgery. Consistent continuation visits usually are intended for a period of about five months or longer to continue to check your vision and eye condition.