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Best way to enhance your vision power and clarity of image

In most circumstances vision must be steady and clear at about 6 months after post-op visit. Similarly, if you feel dry eyes, coronas, glower or other visual disturbances after getting Lasik instantly consult a Lasik doctor.

If you want to get Lasik in both eyes first of all eye surgeon create corneal flap in one eye and in other eye Lasik process went through smooth manner. You can swear even while it was made with a laser light not a carving knife that patients could feel it like cutting of eyes. After wards to Lasik you feel it as enjoyable and advantageous Lasik procedure since it gives you best outcome. Our surgeon advice you to use eye glasses that are compulsory after Lasik and with your eyes closed you can return back to your home. After successfully finishing the eye surgery your Lasik doctor calls you to check your eye systematically and Lasik doctor ask you whether you are okay with this surgery or not your opinion is important for every doctor. Then Lasik surgeons put drops in your eyes and then recommend you to take sleeping pills this helps to reduce eye strain after surgery and you need to take enough rest after your post op and certainly had that triumph you can observe at the moment. Eye doctor looked at your eyes and we refer everything in a comfortable way that is good, and when a day passed your eye vision will be improved at about 20/20 which are excellent.